As the end of the year is quickly approaching, now is the time to start thinking about your 2021 taxes.

A couple of things we wanted to mention to help make sure you have all of the tax documents you need to file your 2021 return:

  • If you received any stimulus money in 2021, we will need to know how much and in what month you received this money
  • If you received any unemployment in 2021, please be on the lookout for your 1099-G and provide it to your tax preparer
  • If you received payments for the child tax credit, your tax preparer will need to know how much money you received as well
  • If you purchased or sold a home in 2021, be sure to have your settlement statement handy and provide a copy to your tax preparer

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give our office a call.

Integrated Financial Services

At IFS we strive to do what is best in our clients interest. Our preparers take time with each client to construct or devise a plan to best fit their situation. Choosing the right accountant for your individual tax return or small business shouldn’t be left up to chance. Our helpful tax professionals are willing to accept new clients and help make your experience as simple and painless as possible. We offer a number of services to help make filing your tax return seamless. We strive to work for you, the client, as we provide services to people all over the country. Contact us to provide you with the best service possible and to answer any questions you may have.

Our Mission

With integrity, honesty, and care as the core values of our company, Integrated Financial Services always strives to give you the best results possible. Being that we are a small company, we get to know our clients in a way the big companies cannot. You are not a number at IFS, you are a person, and our team of trained tax professionals takes the time to get to know you by sitting down to meet with you each year. Even in the off season, we always have someone present to answer your questions, or deal with your tax issues for at IFS, even after April 15th, we never stop working for you.